Kalm One X Unauthorizedink collaboration interview

Had the great honor to have a dope ass lettering beast do us a design for our company. Unauthorized Ink. Don't forget to follow him. All the necessary information is at end of interview. Thanks again to our brother Kalm One for giving us the opportunity to be graced with some artwork for a design.


UI- Who is Kalm One?

Kalm One- Kalm One is a graffiti writer and tattooer, but most of important, a family man.

UI- Where is Kalm One from?

Kalm One- I was born in Guatemala in Central America. From there we moved with my mom to California at the age of 4. We lived in Anaheim in the County of Orange. till I was 15. My parents decided to move from Anaheim to Ontario, California to give my brothers and three sisters a better life. Anaheim at the time was not a good area to be brought up in. Due to the gangs. Ontario though, is where I got introduced into graffiti. Eventually this is what brought me into the world of tattooing.

UI- What is it that you do and why?

Kalm One- I mainly specialize in lettering in the tattoo world. I do my representation of Southern California style of hieroglyphics. I do a combination of the local neighborhood style I use to see growing up in Anaheim with a graffiti twist. I feel like it is my duty to keep this style alive. Lately i have been mixing it up with black and grey images.

UI- The drop with us ( Unauthorized Ink ) what do you feel about it and representation of the artwork?

Kalm One- First off, I would like to thank the UI Family for this. I'm really excited about this drop! I always wanted to do something for our city. Anaheim. I am glad it is with Unauthorized Ink. The artwork on this drop represents where I'm from and the roots of where it all started. Big bad city of Anacrime, Killafornia.....

You can find Kalm One tattooing out of:

3 foot Radius Tattoo 

417 N. Central Ave.



Contacting Kalm One

 email: Kalm3fr@yahoo.com

website: www.kalm1.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kalmone/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KalmOneTattoo/