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Graffiti is a form of street art that mostly involves writing and painting on walls and streets. Most of these paintings are usually done illegally and so it has been widely conceived as vandalism. However, with time people have come to appreciate graffiti as a beautiful and legitimate artistic expression with some of the world famous graffiti artists making it big. It has been used as a form of expression politically and socially, and also by city gangs to mark their territory. Recently graffiti artist are moving from the street to Graffiti Studio’s where they can create their art legally without having their art being removed or sold. All famous Graffiti Artist started of small and we have looked for many ways how you can start best with Graffiti to become one of these influential graffiti artists and we found in our research that many started with Street Spray Painting to earn a living.


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The amount of effects, details and techniques that go into these paintings really helps you ignite to become a great Graffiti Artist when you just begin. We did research on which would be the best lessons online to get started with these beautiful artworks and found that Aliso Amor’s course is the best your can get. It teaches you the basics in a fun way and you learn extremely fast. Within weeks you can start selling your own artworks as graffiti artist. Find their video below explaining their course.

Graffiti can be traced back to ancient times as has been observed in the Catacombs of Rome and the Pompeii. However, modern graffiti can be traced back to the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. Over all the years we have seen a lot of good graffiti artist come and go. There are only a few however who really put their stamp on today’s world of graffiti and graffiti studio’s.


Below a list curated by Graffiti Studio with the 10 most influential graffiti artists in the world:

Graffiti Artists Banksy

Banksy – I Must Not Copy What I See


Banksy is one of the most renowned graffiti artists in the world. He was born in Bristol, England and has been associated with several works around the city of Bristol. He is also a political activist as well as film director and painter. He directed the movie in 2011 called ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ which was nominated for an academy award, a must see for every starting graffiti artist. Find Banksy’s 19 Most Famous Graffiti Art works here.


This French artist born in 1969 is renowned for his mural mosaic works inspired by Space Invaders. He is credited for many works on the walls of his native Paris and other cities and was at one time sought for prosecution due to his invasion of the MOCA’s Little Tokyo Gallery in Los Angeles. Graffiti studio recommends viewing his works.


Space Invader


Thierry Guetta is a Paris born filmmaker who resides in Los Angeles. He was first introduced into graffiti art by his cousin; Invader. He has since evolved to be a great artist in his own right and has worked with Banksy. He designed Madonna’s Celebration album cover among many other great works.

Graffiti Artist Shepard Fairey Hope

Get the Poster!


Charlie Chaplain


This is another graffiti artist who has worked with Banksy before in Sydney and whose works Graffiti studio recommends. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina and is involved in art and stenciling. He has done extensive work including the famous Obama ‘Hope’ poster and the Andre the Giant Has a Posse. The  ‘Hope’ poster was very iconic and represented the 2008 campaign of president Obama. His works are featured in The Smithsonian and the Museum Of Modern art in New York.


Andrew Witten is a graffiti artist, lecturer and author from New York. He started graffiti art in 1975 and has been doing it ever since. He is credited for his Wild Style logo and much of the graffiti styles used by modern artists can be attributed to him.



One of the most influential graffiti artists and writers of all times, Dondi was born in Brooklyn, New York. He started graffiti art when racial tensions were at an all time high and a lot of violence was taking place on the streets. His best work is Children of the Grave in the NewYork subway completed in 1980.

graffiti-artist-dondiDondi White


graffiti artists futura

Futura 2000 with Hennessy

Formerly known as Futura 2000, he started painting illegally on the New York subway from a tender age. This has evolved him into one of the most successful graffiti artists of all time and his works are hailed by Graffiti studio’s crew. He illustrated punk rock bands and also introduced abstract art into graffiti. He is widely known for using the airbrush technique in his painting.


Blade is also one of the pioneers of graffiti art, and he has been credited with over 5000 works on the New York subway. These were done between 1972 and 1984. His name is Steven Ogburn and he lives in the Bronx, New York.




Jason Williams is one of the most influential graffiti artists of modern times. His work is seen in the Contemporary Art Museum in the Art in the Streets exhibit. His love for the spray can has landed him in trouble numerously and he is a member of the graffiti group, MSK.



Born in Glendale, Saber completed one of the greatest graffiti works in Los Angeles in 1997 and this made him a legend in his own right. The painting done on the sloping cement bank of Los Angeles river took almost a hundred gallons of paint and 35 nights, considering all this time that graffiti painting was illegal. Graffiti Studio definitely recommends you to go see this piece if you are in the neighborhood.

Graffiti Artsist Saber - LA River Piece
Graffiti Artsist Saber – LA River Piece


David Choe, a resident in Los Angeles is a  famous muralist, graffiti artists and a graphic designer. He is also known for having been painted the headquarters of Facebook and has done work for album covers and film sets.


David Choe


This Brazilian muralist has created incredibly amazing works of public art recently. His huge, colourful and certainly true to life murals can be found on buildings and certainly walls everywhere on the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, which happens to be his hometown.


Eduardo Kobra

Right now, graffiti is said to be as the most well-known art among the many streets for every city in each and every part of the globe. Graffiti artists have created the concept showing stunning and certainly artistic letterings within the walls with paint.

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