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Guy Takes Fake Book Covers Onto Subway To See How People React

Not only that but he did it on the New York subway, one of the busiest subway systems in the world. In full view of other passengers, the brave comedian pretended to be engrossed by such questionably-named publications as Ass Eating Made Simple, Mein Kampf: for Kids!, How to Hold a Fart In, Slut-Shaming Your Baby, A Beginner’s Guide To Taxidermy and 1000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By ISIS. Needless to say, several passengers were more than a little surprised by the comedian’s seemingly shameless interest in “alternative” literature, although it certainly made their commute to work a little more interesting than usual.

Think these fake books are funny? Then click here to see some hilarious titles that, believe it or not, are actually real.

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Watch the full video to see more of his fake book covers:

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