Nipples of Venus

Nipples of Venus

A collaboration between artist and model, Nipples of Venus features body art made from the breasts of women in the Pacific Northwest.

What is Nipples of Venus? from Nipples of Venus on Vimeo.

The Process

To create a Nipple of Venus, the model's breast is painted and pressed to a smooth, gessoed board. The process creates a unique impression of the model's nipple, each work of art is unique and one of a kind. 

These 4" x 4" to 6" x 6" objets de'art are made using Max Ernst's decalcomania process. The result is a unique "snapshot" of the moment which captures the build up of paint, the variation of color and the emotion of the person being painted.

A Nipples of Venus series is limited to 20 paintings, 10 impressions per nipple. Only 2 pieces of nipple art are released at a time until the collection is sold out. There are no copies and no two alike. Autographed and number on the back by the model.

Nipples of Venus Product Shot


The Models

Whim Grace
Singer/Songwriter Whim Grace has been with Nipples of Venus since the beginning. She has the voice of the seraphim and is filled with fire and light.
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Floofie by The MortyFloofie is a traveling Model with SAVAGE. Makeup Artist, Dreamer, Pescatarian, Advocate of Feminism, Lover, Cat Person. Follow her at Floofie's World
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Photo by the Morty

Verronica KireiVerronica Kirei is a model, a designer, and a professional weirdo. 
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Photo by Derek Woods

Alex Fielder
Alex Fiedler is a native Portlander who loves the science of biology and tacos. Graceful and slender, she is a much sought after figure model with eyes to die for.
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Photo by Jamie Edgar

Ashley Lane is a model, wanderer, adventurer and has a dog named "Pepper". A native of Baltimore, she tours the west in her double decker Ford Econoliner.
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Photo by the Morty

Elle Peril by Red Your BluesElle Peril is a manic pixie dream muse, poet, traveler, and documentarian.

She is an internationally published and exhibited art model & performer, born and raised in California. She  works with artists in North America and Europe and specializes in nude photography, portraiture, and film.

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Photo by Red Your Blues

Rain Goldfire is a  Portland model. She and I have worked together on a few life-sized watercolors. She's pretty laid back and enjoys her work.

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